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4 DIY Paw Print Keepsake Ideas

Learn how to make a paw print keepsake at home with these dog paw print craft ideas from

4 DIY Paw Print Keepsake Ideas

Whether you have a new puppy or a senior dog, there's no denying that your pup is a member of your family. So, why not celebrate them with a paw print keepsake? From clay commemorations to colorful wall art, here are some affordable ways to make a keepsake of your pup's paw print. 

1. Create a clay dog paw imprint

One of the best ways to commemorate your furry friend's paw print is with dough, clay, or cement. You can make your own dough by mixing a cup of flour with a cup of salt and water - then cover the mold with wax paper before you gently press your pup's paw into it. Bake it at 200°F for a couple of hours and then paint it, if you want to! You can also buy air dry clay if you don't feel like making your own... this will set a little faster, too. Once it's dried and hardened, display it on a bookshelf or mantle - or put a hole in the top of it to turn it into a Christmas ornament. 

2. Stamp their paw print outline on a blank canvas

For this paw print DIY, you'll need washable finger paint - or just about any non-toxic water-based paints (look for what's on sale at your local craft store!). We recommend pouring some paint onto a paper plate, then dipping your pup's paw in it. From there, gently press it onto a canvas for a few seconds... and, voila! You have a one-of-a-kind piece of decor for your gallery wall. 

3. Turn their paw prints into colorful flowers

Take the painted paw prints a step further by transforming them into a field of flowers. Once you've coated their paw in paint, gently press down on a canvas and repeat as many times as you like. Don't forget to give your dog a treat in between paw stamps to praise their cooperation! Your paw's paw prints will act as the flowers in the painting, so once the paint is dry, go in with a marker to draw in stems, leaves, and texture. 

4 Get sentimental with your computer scanner

You might've seen this trend on TikTok - and if you have a scanner in your home office, it's basically a free way to capture your handprints (or your child's!) alongside your fur baby's. Position your pup's paws in the center of your scanner, paw pads down, then put your hands (palms down) on either side of their paws. Have someone else press 'scan' and get ready to get sentimental. 

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