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Save Sleep Stories: What They are and Why You Should Try Them

Sleep Stories: What They are and Why You Should Try Them

Bedtime stories for adults offer a passive pastime that can ease your journey to dreamland. Find out why sleep stories can benefit your health and wellness.

Sleep Stories: What They are and Why You Should Try Them

Some practices in life significantly affect our overall well-being, and good quality sleep is one of them. Late nights, insufficient rest, and sleep disorders are prevalent, with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that a third of US adults admit to getting poor rest. 

Some people struggle to sleep due to racing thoughts, anxiety, and general stress. Switching off and settling to sleep impacts your following day and the perpetual cycle of poor rest equals increased stress levels, a vulnerability to injury, illness, and unpleasant reactions to complex situations or conflicts in our lives - at work and home. 

Bedtime stories as a sleep aid

Bedtime stories are podcast narratives that take the mind on a restful path without extreme plots or engaging twists. The stories are read for listeners and aim to steer the mind and imagination to a place that distracts from our daily troubles and busy schedules. 

Bedtime stories for adults are one of the many tools that can ease you into a restful slumber. Sleep meditation, avoiding doomscrolling before bedtime, listening to calming music, or journalling are all ways that can quiet the mind. Bedtime stories conjure nostalgia of being tucked in, eyes closed, and hearing a soothing tale. Now, with many podcasts offering free sleep stories for adults, we can indulge our childhood comforts of cuddling in for a journey to dreamland. 

The benefits of sleep stories

If you're struggling to switch off at night, here are some reasons to subscribe to bedtime stories for adults:

  • Encourages calm. You can practice the passive pastime in bed, in the dark, tucked in. You don't need to lean over to switch a light off or worry about your book or tablet dropping on your face.
  • Quietens thoughts. Take your mind on a journey away from work, relationship troubles, or the busy day ahead.
  • Good habit. A steady and calm bedtime routine prepares the body for proper rest. If you love your night routine, you're more likely to go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Good for your brain. Your cognitive and emotional intelligence expands when you engage in literary tales by reading or listening. Many studies promote reading for all ages as it can sharpen memory, delay the onset of Alzheimer's and Dementia and improve analytical and reasoning power.

Find perfect rest and less stress

Entering each day rested has a grand impact on your overall day-to-day function. When we get good quality sleep (7 plus hours each night), we're more likely to have robust immune systems, reduced stress, improved moods, mental clarity, and enhanced energy. Trying a sleep aid may be the missing activity that takes your rest from average to outstanding!

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