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How to Save on Your Next Trip to Six Flags

We have ten clever saving tips for Six Flags tickets, meals, and more. Pay less for fun at Six Flags theme parks and amplify joy on your theme park outing.

How to Save on Your Next Trip to Six Flags

Six Flags offers a day of exhilarating rides, shows, attractions, and hair-raising thrills. Whether you're indulging your family during the summer or joining a group of friends, outings to theme parks can ride up a hefty bill. When paying high fees for parking, meals, and entry tickets, your pockets can quickly feel as empty as your stomach after a fall on the Voodoo Drop ride.

Don't cancel those plans just yet! We have some clever saving tricks for Six Flags that will have you soaring high on a budget. You do not need deep pockets to enjoy the fun of Six Flags locations. 

1. Buy tickets in advance

Buying Six Flags tickets online and for a specific day will be cheaper than purchasing a pass at the gate or buying an any-day pass. When you plan your fun day ahead of time, you can select dates that have a cheaper rate. Weekdays or out of season rates are lower than peak weekends and holidays. 

2. Visit on low attendance days

Weekdays during the summer and any regular operating day during April, May, September, and October experience lower attendance. Visiting these days means that you'll avoid long queues and can skip buying a flash pass that allows you priority boarding on rides. Money saved!

3. Consider a Six Flag season pass

If you plan on frequenting the theme park year-round, then a season pass will save you money in the long run. You can even split the payment with a friend since annual passes come with free-friend entry. 

Get that calculator out and determine whether a Six Flags season pass that includes parking, food and merchandise discounts, and special rates for friends, is cheaper than a once-off entry. A one-day ticket excludes those additional and unavoidable costs.  

Extreme and Ultimate Passes also offer flexible payment options allowing you to budget your payments. 

4. Buy your Six Flags season pass at a cheaper location

Extreme and Ultimate Passes allow you unlimited access to all Six Flags outdoor parks. But here is the best bit: purchasing these passes for various locations can save you some bucks. For example:

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles season passes cost:

  • 2022 Extreme Pass is $179.99 each
  • 2022 Ultimate Pass is $329.99 each

Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey season passes cost:

  • 2022 Extreme Pass is $159.99 each
  • 2022 Ultimate Pass is $299.99 each

Keep in mind that a number of membership benefits (such as free tickets for friends) are only valid at your "home park." Discounts on food, merchandise, tickets, tours, and more are useful at all parks.

5. Get a job at Six Flags

Get a temporary summer job at your local Six Flags park or embark on a new and exciting career. You can find a position in the park or behind the scenes and benefit from the perks and benefits that Six Flags awards its employees. 

If you're interested in the available jobs, it could offer a great opportunity for your 16+ teenager or even your retired family members. There is something for everyone! 

Check out these staff perks:

  • FREE park admission for the staff member and a friend 
  • FREE tickets for friends and family of staff (that could be YOU)
  • Discounted season passes
  • 35% employee discount on food
  • 40% employee discount on merchandise
  • Flexible scheduling
  • DailyPay - work today, get paid tomorrow
  • Advancement opportunities and training

6. Invite some friends!

Group tickets are available. For more than ten people, you can benefit from discounted tickets. Double up with your family and friends for a crazy, hyperactive day of fun.

7. Plan food and drinks

Give yourself or your family a budget for food. Money can quickly disappear on these essential items if you don't have a dining plan. 

  • When it comes to hydrating, bring along a water bottle and use free water stations situated around the park. Skip expensive drinks and use what nature gave you to quench your thirst. Iced water is also free at any restaurant, so drink up at any park diner if you leave your water bottle at home.
  • Ask friends in the know for some advice on the most affordable places to eat. You are not allowed to take food into the park unless to cater to specific food allergies or if it's for your infant. However, packing a cooler in your car and taking a break from the overstimulating environment for a peaceful meal in your airconditioned vehicle may offer the perfect respite. Just make sure you get a re-entry stamp before you walk out.

8. Skip the merchandise temptations

Avoid buying items that will end up in next year's clutter. While it may seem exciting to purchase memorabilia and giant teddies, these items will only detract from your home sanctuary, and you'll regret splurging on unnecessary things. 

Instead, take photos, create memories, and journal about the fun day! 

9. Make the most of your money spent

Six Flags hours will differ depending on the season and location. Make sure you arrive as early as possible to make the most of your day. Arriving after the crowds will mean spending most of your day in queues (not a great use of your hard-earned cash). 

10. Look for Six Flags promos and coupons

See what coupons, deals, and specials are available from reputable sites when planning your adventure day. Discounted Six Flags tickets or coupons for meals, parking, and more can save you a few dollars. We know you love a good deal, so keep your eyes peeled on the Six Flags newsletter for sporadic discounts. 

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