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Save How to Make Your DIY Coupon Organizer and Save Big!

How to Make Your DIY Coupon Organizer and Save Big!

We give you tips and ideas on storing direct mail coupons. These DIY coupon organizer ideas will make you want to collect vouchers so you, too, can save big!

How to Make Your DIY Coupon Organizer and Save Big!

With sky-high prices, it pays to be frugal. Saving big can still include fun outings and quality service. One significant way to save your hard-earned cash is to become a coupon collector. 

It's exciting to take a little stroll to your mailbox, flip through magazines, newspapers, and brochures and gather coupons that can help you save on everyday items. A Vericast Consumer Intel Report revealed that direct mail is loved - by all generations, not just your grandma! Two-thirds of the consumers surveyed (68%) said they use the coupons they get in the mail. 

If you're new to couponing (or a chaotic collector), we have DIY organizer ideas to arrange your vouchers. 

1. Find the perfect folder or binder

Depending on your preference and commitment to couponing, you may want a simple and small coupon file that you can take into stores. Or you may wish to use something larger if labels, stickers, and stationary get you excited. 

First, find an expandable binder, file, or coupon organizer wallet that you like. If you're looking for a free coupon organizer, see what you already have a home - it can be a basket or envelopes that you ring-bind togetherMake sure your coupon organizer is secure (something with a zipper is a winner) so that coupons don't fall out and get lost in your handbag. 

2. Accessories make the process fun!

Who doesn't love pretty stationery? Allocate a drawer, separate case, or zipper bag for all the tools that will help you coupon collect. When you're ready to page, cut, and organize, you don't need to go hunting for your stationery. Consider the following items:

  • scissors
  • pens
  • pencils
  • stapler
  • highlighters
  • card stock
  • labeling stickers or post-it tabs
  • binder clips
  • envelopes
  • clear insert pockets

3. Place essential sleeves upfront

Give yourself the power to save by having the following sections in the first few pages of your file. When you open your fancy DIY coupon organizer wallet, these are some sleeves you may want to see first:

  • A Table of Contents to quickly find various coupon categories. Use post-it tabs to make temporary notes. 
  • 'Need to Sort' coupons that you'll organize later. You can use a binder clip to clip them into your file when you're in a hurry.
  • 'Expiring Soon' sleeve for coupons you need to use as soon as possible. Decide whether you need the items, and add them to your shopping list. Put the coupons in your handbag. 

4. Get organized and add categories

Categorization allows you to quickly flip between deals for grocery items, pet goods, home cleaning supplies, restaurants and entertainment, individual stores, medication, etc. The topics of your coupons can vary greatly, and it's up to you how detailed you'd like to be with your categories and sub-categories. Use file separators (insert pockets or envelopes) and stickers to organize as you go.

With an organizational system that works, your coupon hobby will be fun and save you big bucks in the long run. 

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