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Happiness Triggers: For When You Need Them

Leverage the power of happy memories to trigger happiness in your day. Try these 12 mood-boosting ideas when you’re stuck in a glum rut or stressed to the max.

Happiness Triggers: For When You Need Them

Stress triggers, anxiety triggers... We have come to associate the word trigger with negative feelings. As a psychological concept, triggers are experiences that trigger a memory or memories. In other words, the memory system that associates experiences with emotions can elicit happiness too. Happiness triggers are simple pleasures you can control through a regular routine or mindful activity to connect you more deeply to yourself. Here are twelve ideas on how to leverage the power of your memory system to enable feelings of well-being.

1. Stick happiness quotes on your refrigerator

If there are sayings that spark joy or make you laugh, write them on a piece of paper and stick them on your fridge. Better yet, print them and place the happiness triggers in a frame on a wall near your desk.

2. Make a coffee date with yourself

Enjoying a latté just the way you like it in your favorite coffee shop is the quintessential way to let yourself know that you are important.

3. Play your favorite song

On repeat! You know the one. The song that makes you tap your toes or wiggle your derriere every time you hear it. Play it loud and feel the immediate surge of joy!

4. Spend time with your pet

It is a proven fact that simply stroking your dog or cat can lower cortisol levels. Spending time with your furry friend can even increase levels of the happiness hormone oxytocin.

5. Buy yourself flowers

A bunch of fresh flowers or a beautiful house plant is a lovely reminder to take joy in the little things in life.

6. Pour yourself a glass of wine

Or a glass of bubbles. And take a few moments to sip and savor the moment.

7. Take a walk

Getting outside into the fresh air will help you declutter your mind and distance yourself from whatever is causing you stress.

8. Complete a crossword puzzle

Do you love doing crosswords or Sudoku puzzles? Starting your day with a small crossword or sudoku puzzle can be a great way to get you into a focused, positive, confident frame of mind.

9. Wear your favorite shoes

Yes, I am talking about those three-inch fuchsia pink pumps. Get a great, confidence-boosting, swagger-inducing start to your day by putting on your favorite shoes!

10. Listen to a podcast

Switch off from momentary stresses and boost your mood with an uplifting podcast. Check out this list of hilarious podcasts guaranteed to make you giggle.

11. Random act of kindness

Trigger happiness by performing an act of kindness for someone else. Buy a cup of coffee for a work colleague who looks like they are having a rough day. Or call up a friend you know is going through a tough time.

12. Read to your children

The feeling of a cozy snuggle with your little favorites while reading a beloved story is sure to trigger happiness.

Spend life happy by taking joy from the little things

Shopping and saving on spoils and everyday items can also trigger happiness. Check out the Save mailer for deals and coupons to your favorite stores. As the saying goes; Happiness shared is happiness doubled.” Like and share this post and share your pictures of the little things in life that spark joy for you.