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How to Celebrate National Apple Day 2022

National apple day is a real thing and it's celebrated on 21 October every year! Grab your favorite apple pie recipes and let's make some memories!

How to Celebrate National Apple Day 2022

National apple day is a fun, light holiday to celebrate. Apples are in season and delicious in the fall which means you can get some great deals on this versatile fruit! Keep the celebrations simple or turn them into the event of the year - it's totally up to you. Celebrating special days is the perfect way to build your family traditions and identity, so read on to find the national apple day ideas that you love best!  

Eat an apple

Keep the celebrations simple by eating an apple. This time of year is packed with holidays, so feel free to keep this one as low effort as you like. Pack an apple for everyone's lunch box with a sweet "happy national apple day" note. Building special memories doesn't need to be complicated or expensive!

Plant an apple tree

Got a garden space that needs filling? Planting an apple tree is a great way to use the space productively! If you live in the warmer parts of the country (zone 7 and higher), fall is the ideal time to plant an apple tree. If you're in a colder area, then you'll probably want to wait for spring and find a different way to celebrate national apple day.

Drink an apple beverage

Add some fun to the day with an apple beverage. Try apple juice, apple cider, or put a real grown-up spin on the celebrations with an apple martini! You can do it any time of the day that suits you - think school lunches, pre-dinner drinks, or even a nightcap before bed!

Go apple picking

Apple picking is a fun (and delicious) family activity. Get back to basics and experience farm life with an apple-picking outing. If you find the right orchard, it can be a great way to stock up on apples for a bargain price! 

Make your favorite apple recipes!

Apples are versatile and can be transformed into a wonderful variety of treats! You're not limited to apple pie or your favorite apple crisp recipe - there's so much to choose from! Think apple sauce, apple juice, apple fritters, apple butter, apple muffins, apple cake - the list just goes on and on!

Try some healthier apple treats

Excited to celebrate, but don't want to break your healthy eating habit? Why not try some healthy apple snacks and treats? Apple slices dipped in nut butter are a delicious, healthy snack and baked apples make a wonderful, low-calorie dessert. Yes, please!

Make your own cider

Making your own apple cider from scratch is fun and rewarding! You'll need about 30-40 apples to make a gallon of cider. If you don't have access to a press, a food processor is a good alternative. This is a great way to use up apples after an apple-picking outing!

Apple crafts anyone?

Choose some apple-themed crafts to do with the kids on national apple day. Keep it simple with printable coloring pages, make a cute paper plate apple, try some simple apple puppets, or give these bubble wrap apples a go. Perfect fun for a cold fall day!

Share the apple love!

Make the holiday extra special by sharing the festivities with the people around you. Send an apple for your kid's teacher, invite your friends over to enjoy an apple pie, or surprise your neighbors with some sweet apple treats! What a great way to get more involved in your community!

Did someone say apple bobbing?

Apple bobbing isn't just for Halloween! Have some fun on national apple day and set up an apple bobbing game! It's entertaining to play with kids and even better if you can get a few adults to join in!

Learn about the history of apple day

Not really up for an adventure? Looking for a calmer way to celebrate? National apple day is actually relatively new and only started in 1990! The idea was to raise awareness about diversity, the importance of orchards, and the diversity of food. Common Ground organized the first event and you can read all about its origins and how it's grown over the years on their website.

Read an apple book

Make bedtime extra special for the kids with an apple-themed book! Johnny Appleseed is well known for having planted apple trees over large portions of America. There are an impressive variety of books that have been written about him. You should be able to find a few options at your local library. Not keen on Johnny Appleseed? Pick another apple-themed book that you know your kids will love!

Fill your freezer and stock your pantry

National apple day is the perfect day to dedicate yourself to some apple cooking. Dig out your favorite apple pie recipes, throw on a batch of crockpot apple butter, and get to work canning and freezing. Apples are in season and at their cheapest right around national apple day, which means you can get some great savings! New to canning? No worries! Check out Save's beginners' guide to canning to help you make sure you've got the basics covered!

Let your coffee do the celebrating!

Apple spice lattes don't actually contain any apples, but they're a great way to get in the apple day mood! Grab a latte from your favorite store or make your own at home. It's a cheap easy recipe to pull together. What a great way to start national apple day!

Where can I get the best deals on apples?

Apples are in season over national apple day which means they're usually widely available and affordable! Try your local stores and farmers' markets or pick your own. If you're looking for apples to bake, juice or process, then you don't need the best quality. Sometimes you can buy lower-quality apples from local producers and at farmers' markets. Anything that's small or misshapen is usually cheaper and works perfectly. Try to avoid apples that are heavily bruised or rotten.

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