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Stargazing Apps You Need to Download

These stargazing apps are easy to use and perfect for beginners! They'll help you spot all the best stuff and learn about astronomy while you're at it!

Stargazing Apps You Need to Download

Stargazing is such a great family activity. It is a perfect way to build those special family memories on a budget. It can also seem pretty overwhelming though -  especially if you don't know much about astronomy! Thankfully there are apps for stargazing to help you learn, make it easy, and take the stress out of the process!

New to stargazing? Save has a great guide to help you turn your stargazing into a fun, cozy night that your family will always remember!

There are a bunch of paid stargazing apps available for serious astronomers, but if you're just getting started or you're looking for some family fun, then these free (or almost free) apps are going to be just right for you.

SkyView Lite 

The full version of the SkyView app is impressive and pretty expensive. This lite version is free and contains almost all the features you need for a family night of stargazing fun! Simply download the app and then point your phone at the sky to find stars, constellations, and more. 

The app will give you information on what you're seeing and even lets you set notifications to make sure you don't miss any exciting space events like bright planets or special moons! It's simple and user-friendly which makes it the perfect place to start your stargazing adventure!

Download the app for iOS
Download the app for android


If you want to learn more about space, then this is the app for you! The NASA app is a real winner with the kids and has a wealth of information to get you excited about stargazing (and space in general). They have videos, podcasts, augmented reality, notifications about sighting opportunities, and much much more! If you (or your kids) want to learn more about space, then this app will give you a constant supply of information and ideas!

Download the app for iOS
Download the app for android

Star Walk

Star Walk is an augmented reality stargazing app (like SkyView lite). Again, you point your phone at the sky and it helps you identify what you're seeing. Starwalk has a lot of information on the screen, which can make it a bit overwhelming for beginners, but it's ideal for those who already have a little basic knowledge and are wanting to see and learn more! The app will work on your phone, but using a tablet makes it easier to navigate the night sky. 

Download the free version (the free version has a lot of ads, but it'll give you a good idea of what the app is like before you buy)

Give us more family fun ideas!

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