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Save 6 Proven Ways To Save Money On Gas

6 Proven Ways To Save Money On Gas

Want to learn how to save money on gas? Check out these 6 tips to learn tips and tricks for saving money on gas from

6 Proven Ways To Save Money On Gas

It seems like gas prices are always on the rise... and between after-school activities and weekend adventures, we have a feeling you're fueling up your car at least once a week. From fuel station hacks to everyday tips, here are 6 easy ways to save money on gas — and spend less time at the pump.

1. Sign up for a loyalty card.

Most major gas station chains offer loyalty or rewards programs. They're a little different, so do some research and choose the one that's best for you. If there's a gas station you stop at on your way to work at least once a week, it could be worth enrolling in their loyalty program and start getting rewarded for your purchases at the pump.

2. Carry a light load.

Have you been delaying unloading all of the football gear from your car from last weekend's game? Now, what if we told you that heavier vehicles use more gas? That's right — carry as light a load as possible to maximize your gas mileage. If there are any removable items taking up space in your car, consider storing them in your garage or basement until you need to use them.

3. Be flexible with your payment method.

You've probably driven by gas stations that offer different prices based on how you're paying — typically, the cash price is significantly lower than the credit price. If you're planning on filling up your fuel tank, make sure you have enough cash in your wallet to cover it... the per-gallon savings really add up. Some major gas station chains might even have their own credit or debit cards that have attractive intro offers — so do some research and consider opening a new card to maximize your savings at the pump.

4. Fill up at the beginning of the week - or the end.

The day of the week you decide to fill up can actually affect your fuel costs. According to GasBuddy, Monday and Friday are the two cheapest days of the week to buy gas. So, fill up your tank at the start of the work week or in time for the weekend.

5. Use an app to find low prices nearby.

Before you head out on your next adventure, use a free app to compare prices at gas stations near you, or on the way to your destination. GasBuddy, Waze, and Google Maps are all free apps that provide constantly updated fuel prices. 

6. Coordinate a carpool.

If your kiddos aren't old enough to drive yet, you're probably acting as their chauffeur. (Are we right?) Whether you're driving them to soccer practice or picking them up from tutoring, cut down on your time behind the wheel — and save on fuel — by organizing a carpool. Connect with other parents you see in the pick-up line or chat with families in your neighborhood to join forces and save on gas money... and driving time. 

How else can I save this fall?

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