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7 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

Ready for spooky season? Check out these easy, budget-friendly Halloween ideas for crafts for toddlers and young children.

7 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

Halloween is right around the corner... and even if your kiddo picked out their costume three months ago, there's plenty you can do to get into the spirit of the season. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly activity or want some new Halloween decor, here are 7 Halloween crafts for kids of all ages. 

1. Let the light in with Jack O' Lantern Suncatchers

Create pumpkin-shaped suncatchers with a stained glass effect... all you need are some crayons, wax paper, and colored card stock. Use the finished product to decorate your kiddo's bedroom windows or any windows near your entryway. Trick-or-treaters will love seeing these cute decorations

2. Turn a potato into a spooky stamp

It doesn't get easier (or cheaper!) than turning a potato into a stamp. Cut off the bottom of the potato so it sits flat, and then slice it in half - you should have two pieces that look like oval semi-circles. Have your kiddos dip their potato half in white paint, and then stamp it on black paper. From there, they can decorate it like a ghost... or even a tombstone!

3. Create a pumpkin from a paper plate

Get out the markers (or paint!) and have your kiddos paint a few paper plates their favorite shade of orange. Then, use green pipe cleaners, googly eyes, or black paper triangles to create a 2-D Jack O' Lantern.

4. Turn coffee filters and lollipops into cute ghosts

It turns out that spirits are sweet...not scary! Well, these ones are - they're made from candy! Help your kids tie a coffee filter (or piece of white tissue paper) around their favorite lollipop flavor. Let them add a spooky expression to their ghost pop with a black marker!

5. Get spooky with ooey-gooey Halloween slime

What do you get when you combine glue, baking soda, water, and contact lens solution? Slime! Your kids will love this sensory Halloween craft - let them add their choice of food coloring to the mixture, too!

6. Turn fallen leaves into Halloween decor

Send your kids to the backyard to look for fallen leaves in varying shapes and sizes. Then, paint them black to turn them into flying bats, or white to transform them into winged ghosts. Let them get creative with hand-drawn faces and expressions - or break out the googly eyes!

7. Get creepy - and cute! - with pinecone spiders

This is another great foraging activity for your kiddos - encourage them to look for especially round pinecones on their walk to school or in your backyard. From there, they can paint the pinecone (if they want to!), then attach pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes. A hot glue gun can be helpful here, so be ready to supervise!

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