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The Best True Crime Documentaries and Shows of 2022

Ready to binge the best true crime documentaries and series of 2022? Pop that popcorn and get comfy - it's about to get dark and twisted with these true crime stories!

The Best True Crime Documentaries and Shows of 2022

If true crime stories of scammers, criminals, psychopaths, and down-right shady characters fascinate you, then you'll be pleased to find this list of the best true crime documentaries of 2022. Grab your snacks and get comfy - it's about to get dark and twisted! 

From true crime documentaries to fictional reenactments of major scandals, here's your next binge list if the Tinder Swindler wasn't enough to make you paranoid...

The Tinder Swindler

Posing as a wealthy and desirable bachelor, Simon Leviev (Shimon Hayut) wooed, wined, dined, and conned his Tinder matches. This true crime documentary gives his victims and past girlfriends the chance to speak up about how he convincingly stole from them when they believed he was Mr. Right. The Tinder Swindler will get you thinking before you swipe right!

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Our Father

Our Father is the unsettling story of a philanthropist and fertility specialist, Dr. Donald Cline, who inseminated his patients with his sperm - without their knowledge. Fast forward two decades and ordinary people in Indianapolis realize they are only one of 90+ siblings. The discoveries of his crime shook his patients, the now-grown children, and the community who trusted him.

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In the 70s, the attorney general spoke out against President Nixon during the Watergate scandal. But in this true crime miniseries, we have a modern look at the scandal and what really happened - from the mouth of the attorney general's wife. Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts now plays the wife of Nixon's attorney general in Gaslit

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Candy tells the true story of a Texan housewife living the American Dream in the 70s - perfect husband, home, and kids. This is until Candy Montgomery succumbs to temptation and clears the path for her nonconformist ways. How does she do it? She kills her friend. 

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Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, Fugitives

This one is for the foodies. Bad Vegan is a true crime story that uncovers how celebrity restauranteur Sarma Melngailis disappears after embezzling millions from landlords, vendors, and staff. But what happened to this queen of vegan when she seemed to be thriving in this niche food scene? Many blame her husband. 

If immortal dogs, meat suits, and unusual secrets make you wanting more, watch this with your favorite vegan meal. 

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We Need To Talk About Cosby

American dad and alleged sexual predator - it's not a pretty story! But since the truth about Bill Cosby has come to light, we need to talk about how people enabled and turned a blind eye to his crimes. We Need To Talk About Cosby is a true crime story that spotlights Cosby's dark deeds and allows the survivors of his crimes to speak up. 

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The Dropout

Starring Amanda Seyfried, The Dropout highlights the true crime story of Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes was a deceiving businesswoman who claimed to revolutionize medical blood testing in the home. This self-made female billionaire chased success without ever understanding the science. Holmes went from being called "The next Steve Jobs" to one of "The World's 19 Most Disappointing Leaders."

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The Girl from Plainville

Teenage drama, dangerous texting and a compassionate killing. Sounds intriguing doesn't it? In 2017, Michelle Carter engaged in "texting-suicide". This true crime series explores the crime, the case and the friendship of two teens and their dangerous exchange. Elle Fanning plays the lead role of Michelle in The Girl from Plainville, the teen eventually found guilty of the crime.

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Perfect World: A Deadly Game 

Be careful when gaming! In this two-part true crime documentary, a group of gamers receives a confession from their friend, Menhaz, via chat messages. He's told them he has murdered people and plans to do it again. What they thought was another night of gaming becomes a scary chase to save a life. The problem with this toxic and Deadly Game - the gamers don't know his real identity!

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Starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, WeCrashed re-enacts an excentric couple obsessed with the success of their tech brand. Can a love story be worth $47 billion? Well, this one is, and that's what their business was worth. That was until it took a drastic crash in less than a year. Stream the mess, romance, chaos, and bankruptcy of WeCrashed.

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The Staircase

As far as true crime stories go, The Staircase offers a gripping portrayal of Michael Peterson's story, who was accused of murder. The victim - his wife, Kathleen. Colin Firth and Toni Collette star in this true tale that looks at the weeks before Kathleen's death until Michael's trial. 

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Worst Roommate Ever

Imagine renting a room to a serial squatter - or worse - a murderer! This docuseries uncovers several horror stories of the worst roommates in history. Have you ever had a terrible tenant? Your stories cannot compare to Worst Roommate Ever and you'll make sure to type up a tight lease agreement as soon as the credits run. 

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