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The Best Fantasy Podcasts

Need to lose yourself in the world of adventure for a while? Enjoy these fun fantasy podcast suggestions from Save!

The Best Fantasy Podcasts

At Save, we know you don’t need to spend a lot of money to find joy. Whether you’re eager to spice up your commute or enjoy a no-spend weekend with your kids, who doesn’t want to escape to the world of fantasy? The best fantasy podcasts transport you to a whole new world packed with adventure, but which ones should you listen to? Welcome to your fantasy podcast list from Save.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Arguably one of the best fantasy podcasts on Spotify, this series follows a witch who freelances her spellcasting services…and learns about herself and the world in the process. Each episode easily stands alone, but if you listen to the entire series, you’ll learn more about Kalila in the process.

Dream Breachers

Looking for something in the vein of Harry Potter, but with a more sci-fi twist? Meet 12-year-old Evan, who learns on his birthday that he’s able to travel back and forth between the real world and the world of dreams. The anxiety-ridden unlikely hero teams up with his friends to defeat scheming villains. But the podcast is surprisingly nuanced, raising questions about labels and whether “good” and “evil” are too simplistic in a highly complex world.

Inn Between

Ever wonder what dungeon crawling adventurers do when they’re not saving the world? Set at fantasy tavern The Goblin’s Head Inn, this podcast attempts to answer that question. Listen as they build relationships, go off on misadventures, and generally pass the time until they are called to duty yet again.

Jarnsaxa Rising

Living in a futuristic corporate dystopia, a scandalized employee finds herself mixed up in a world she never expected: that of Norse gods and giants. Her journey is packed with unexpected twists, lots of adventures, and plenty of comic relief.


If you would rather not commit to a series, be sure to check out the wide-ranging PodCastle. This unique fantasy podcast features a variety of short stories from a rotating group of authors. There’s something for everyone, from high fantasy to urban fantasy. And it’s easy enough to tune into a single episode whenever you have some time, without feeling like you are going to lose the thread of an ongoing story if you don’t get back to it for a while.

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