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No Spend Weekend: Free Family Activity Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

Looking for the ultimate guide to free and fun activities your family will enjoy doing together? Explore these genius ideas for your no-spend weekend.

No Spend Weekend: Free Family Activity Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

Maximizing quality time with your family is important for relationship development, relaxation, and getting those endorphins flowing. A no-spend weekend is a great way to have fun with your loved ones while saving your hard-earned coins.

Ready for buckets of laughter and joy without spending buckets of cash? 

To help you boost some silliness with your family, we've compiled this list of fun things to do on a no-spend day. 

Go glamping in your garden!

Plan dinner over a fire or bbq with the likes of smores, grilled cheese, burgers, and foraged greens from your veggie patch. Pitch a tent and cozy it with cushions, fairy lights, and other luxury items. Invite the little ones to bring their teddies along.

Give these fun outdoor games a try while you soak up some sunshine (and moonlight glow) with your family:

  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Decorate sections of your home and garden with sidewalk chalk
  • Play a mini sports match 
  • Sing some campfire tunes together
  • Gather flowers and leaves to create a family art piece
  • Play 'I Spy'
  • Look out for shooting stars and catch fireflies after dark
  • Teach the kids some basic survival skills

Be scientists for the day

You can do loads of simple experiments with your children with items in your kitchen pantry. Mark this no-spend day in history with the following chemistry creations and discoveries:

  • Baking soda and vinegar volcano
  • Discover density with water, oil, syrup, washing-up liquid, honey, and food coloring
  • Invisible ink messages using lemon juice and heat
  • Edible rock candy with ordinary sugar, food coloring, water, a jar, string, and stick
  • Blow up a balloon with a vitamin effervescent tablet
  • Coke and Mentos explosions 
  • Clean old coins with vinegar, salt, and water
  • Make gloopy slime with cornstarch and water
  • Turn eggs rubbery with vinegar

 You can end the day by watching a science show for kids

Make it a family fitness day

Is there anything more bonding than breaking a sweat while laughing and exercising with those you love? Have a go at these fitness activities for the whole family - perfect for a no-spend weekend:

  • Do a family yoga session - indoors or outdoors!
  • Work in the garden planting vegetables, pruning, picking flowers, and sweating in the sunshine
  • Dance to a fun family playlist
  • Go for a hike
  • Set a challenge - run or walk a certain distance or for a set amount of time and have a goal at the end - like homemade smoothies while you binge a family-favorite show
  • Plan your home gym with items around the house, or look out for fitness coupons and deals on Save for when you have some spare cash (add the items to your wishlist so long)
  • Learn some new healthy family recipes to add to the weekly rotation. 

Practice some self-care together before the weekday hits!

The best no-spend days could mean staying in your pajamas all day, eating popcorn, and lounging around the house. No stress + no spending = winner Sunday! Here are some quality ideas to do lazy right and hit Monday energized! 

  • Embark on a digital detox - for a few hours, for the day, or the entire weekend (warn your teens!).
  • Listen to some health and wellness podcasts to feed your souls - build a puzzle while you're at it.
  • Get some fresh air - whether it's in your garden, a walk on the beach, or a few hours on your porch.
  • DIY some hair and face masks for a pamper session.
  • Spring clean! A cleaner home helps reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.
  • Give back by volunteering for community work - showing love is self-care too.
  • Put some calming music on for a zen session of journaling, reading, and checking in mentally with your people.

Enjoy memberships to exciting places

When that year-end bonus rolls around, renew annual memberships. Okay, so this will cost you some dollars upfront, but you can pay when you're flush and have the luxury of visiting these places when you're broke! This way, you can access botanical gardens, theme parks, zoos, national parks, and aquariums during the weekends and holidays without paying again. 

Take part in free events in your city

From feeding the ducks at a public park to satisfying your inner bibliophile at a local public library, a visit to your city's website could spotlight free events.

  • Many public libraries offer engaging and free programs for all ages each year. 
  • Local hardware stores sometimes offer free woodwork classes.
  • Local bookshops love inviting authors for readings at their stores.  
  • Craft stores may advertise free classes, demos, and other in-store or online events.

 Do some homework, and you could fill an entire no-spend week with exciting, complementary projects.

Do some silly things for abundant laughter

Laugh for hours with these ridiculous and bizarre ideas:

  • Have fun with a family board game. Add a twist: You get to make up a new rule if you win! 
  • Let your child style you for the day, then let them choose your stage. It could be your local grocer or a walk through the neighborhood. 
  • Have a rap or karaoke day.
  • Let everyone in the family teach the others something new.
  • Come up with a unique family recipe and "nail it!"
  • Create a family time capsule and write funny letters to your future selves.

Save money while you make memories

We'd love to know how you live it up on a budget, no matter what your bank account says. Please share this post, tag us and tell us how you got it right! Keep it simple and eliminate the stress of expenses, and you'll savor quality time with your family on a no-spend weekend.

Check your weekly Save mailer for deals and coupons on activities you can enjoy for your no spend day.