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Save 5 Clever Ways to Organize Coupons

5 Clever Ways to Organize Coupons

Wondering how to organize coupons? We've got you covered with these clever tips to get your paper coupons lined up and ready to save.

5 Clever Ways to Organize Coupons

Digital coupons are on the rise. Can we hear a whoop whoop? While you can now save and download coupons on your smartphone, paper coupons are still collected and loved. We love coupons; let us count the ways:

  1. They make us feel loved by the brand
  2. We're drawn to saving our hard-earned cash
  3. High prices make us cringe, but coupons make us feel good about our purchases
  4. Coupons allow us to buy things we otherwise wouldn't splash out on

There is one more thing we love about paper coupons: organizing them. Coupons should offer ease, joy, and convenience, but when you need to dig into the deep corners of your handbag to retrieve them, the glitter dims a little. 

If organizing isn't your strong suit, we're here to make your life easier. Here are some simple and clever tips on how to organize coupons.

1. Put them into categories

You can organize them into shopping categories (technology, groceries, beauty items), by store, or in order of expiry date. This will depend on the types of coupons you like to collect. 

2. Find a coupon organizer that works for you

If you're an avid collector, you could have a large coupon organizer and a smaller one for store runs. This might be a box, wall organizer, a binder, or a free coupon organizer made from your kid's unused pencil case. 

Sort through it weekly and add coupons to a purse or travel-sized binder, so they're ready to use. 

3. Keep it tidy

The best advice for how to organize coupons is to cut, sort and store as you find them. No time for that? Then go ahead and cut them out, add them to a clip or tub on your desk, and sort them out as soon as possible (while listening to a podcast). 

4. Stay on top of expiration dates

Don't miss a deal; browse your coupons weekly to find coupons approaching their expiry date. Put a reminder on your phone, or mark it on your desk calendar so you never overlook a deal again. 

5. Plan ahead on how to use your coupons

Use your coupons to grab great deals on birthday gifts, holiday planning, special occasion dining, and donations. Even if your kid has grown out of diapers, a children's home may embrace a gift of baby supplies. Or perhaps the local retirement home would appreciate your unused coupons for body products. Read our 4 Coupon Hacks You Need to Know article for more thoughtful ideas. 

Now that you know how to organize your coupons, you can hit the stores with your nifty coupon organizer.

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