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12 Places That Offer Senior's Discounts

Seniors discounts can help you stretch your dollars and stick to your budget. Learn more about how seniors discounts work and which stores have the best deals!

12 Places That Offer Senior's Discounts

As the cost of living rises, more and more people are feeling the pinch. Sticking to your budget doesn't need to suck the joy out of life though! This list of seniors discounts will help you save big and enjoy life even if your finances are a little tighter than before! 

Are senior's discounts worth the effort?

A little bit of research goes a long way when it comes to making your budget work. Sure, it might require a little more planning or a change in your rhythms, but all those little savings really add up over time! It's all about being willing to try new things. You might even discover something new that you didn't know you liked!

I'm too young for seniors discounts!

If you don't qualify for seniors discounts yet, don't despair! You might be surprised to find that they can actually help you save money. Make the most of these great discounts by using them to treat someone you love. How about taking Grandma out for a nice breakfast? Or taking a neighbor to a store on their senior's discounts day? 

What do I need to get a seniors discount?

The rules vary from place to place, so it's important to make sure you know the rules. You don't want to be disappointed, especially if you're using a seniors discount to treat a friend or loved one. Generally, you need to be over 55 years old and you'll need to prove it. The age limit varies and it's not uncommon for discounts to only be available to those over 60 or even 65. Some places have extra discounts for retired military members, so be sure to ask!

What about my favorite stores?

If you shop somewhere regularly, it's a great idea to ask if they have senior discounts. Sometimes they're not well advertised, so it's always worth asking, even if the answer is no. Here are some popular and well-known stores that offer discounts for seniors:

Goodwill discounts vary from location to location. Expect to get a 10%-20% discount. Usually only on Tuesdays.

Joann has a senior discount day from time to time. Check their website or ask in-store to make sure you know when the next day is. Customers 55 and older get 20% off. 

Ross Dress For Less offers seniors over 55 a 10% discount on Tuesdays. Customers need to be present and have a valid ID to prove their date of birth.

Micheals has a 10% discount for seniors over 55 every day! You do need a Micheals account, but it's quick and easy to sign up online.

Rite Aid gives seniors over 65 a whopping 20% off their purchase on the first Wednesday of every month. You do need a Rite Aid card, so remember to take yours along!

Salvation Army stores offer seniors discounts of up to 50%. It varies by location, so check with your local store to find out what discount they offer and if there are certain days that have senior discounts.

Savers and Value Village have some big discounts for seniors. Again, it varies from store to store, but you can expect savings of anywhere from 20% to 40% if you're over 55.

Verizon boasts that it can save seniors up to $40 a month! If you're looking for impressive senior discounts, Verizon should be your first stop!

Tell me about restaurants!

Restaurants have some good savings for seniors! Some might want you to dine on a certain day or at a certain time, while others offer a discount for any time and day. Don't see your favorite restaurant on the list? Remember to ask in-store and find out about any specials they might have.

Applebees restaurants often offer senior discounts of between 10% to 15%. It varies by location, so check with your local store. Typically the discounts are available to over 60s.

Some Ben and Jerry's stores offer seniors over 60 a 10% discount. 

Some Burger King restaurants offer seniors a 10% discount. Stores may run other specials from time to time, so it's worth asking at your local Burger King.

Mr. Gatti's Pizza stores don't have a standard senior discount. This franchise seems to love their senior discounts though, so if there's a store near you, be sure to make contact and find out what discounts they have!

The Old Spaghetti Factory has an excellent discounted senior menu for customers over 55 years. The menu has excellent reviews, but again, it can vary from store to store, so phone ahead to find out what is available in your area.

Don't believe everything you read online!

You'll find super extensive lists online about all the places that offer seniors discounts. Take them with a pinch of salt! Many of these lists are outdated (even if they say they're current) The best approach is to find the store online or call ahead to confirm whether or not they offer a senior discount. 

What else can I do to stretch my dollars?

There are so many great ways to stick to your budget and make your money go further. Making smart money decisions shouldn't mean that life is boring and dull. Save has financially savvy ideas for you about everything from home and family to entertainment and self-care! Have a look at these great ideas to help you save and still live a life that is full of joy. Find out which places offer student discounts, try geocaching for free family fun, or get into the kitchen and make these tasty banana recipes.

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