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8 Reasons to Get Backyard Chickens

Bring a little country feeling into your life with backyard chickens! They're sweet, will help you save, and cut down on waste in all sorts of wonderful ways!

8 Reasons to Get Backyard Chickens

Backyard chickens are a real treat! There are so many reasons to love them, but here are the top 8 reasons that backyard chickens are amazing! 

1. You get eggs!

The most obvious benefit of backyard chickens is that they lay eggs! Having your own supply of eggs is convenient and super fun! Having your own chickens is a great cost-effective way to get the highest quality eggs! You're getting the healthiest eggs money can buy - and you're getting them cheap!

2. They make super sweet pets!

Chickens might seem dumb and boring, but these food-obsessed fowl actually make sweet pets! They're social and can become quite tame. Don't be surprised if they start calling you when they see you in the garden! They're probably (definitely) hoping you'll bring them something to eat, but they're happy to see you too. Once they're tame they can be petted and picked up. 

Hens are usually pretty docile (depending on the breed) and children can feed and pet them. Roosters can become a bit aggressive, so they need to be treated with caution. Each one is different, but you'll quickly get to know your little flock and figure out who can be petted and who should be left alone.

3. The chickens are happy

Many people are uncomfortable with the conditions on chicken farms. Of course, there are great free-range and pasture-fed options that offer the chickens a better life. Unfortunately, those options can be (understandably) expensive. Having your own chickens is a great way to eat eggs with a clear conscience, knowing that the hens are happy and well treated.

4. You know exactly what's in your eggs

You get to choose most of what your chickens eat. That means you know exactly what's going into the eggs you're eating! No more wondering if your eggs are loaded with hormones or laced with antibiotics! Whatever your chickens are eating, that's what's in your eggs!

5. Your kitchen waste is put to good use

Forget to use that spinach? Got leftover salad that's past its best? Your chickens will love it! It feels fantastic to be able to turn your kitchen waste into eggs! And remember, chickens are omnivores which means that they can eat almost anything! As long as it's safe and healthy for them of course! Here's a list of chicken-friendly foods. You'll probably be surprised just how broad it is.

6. Did someone call pest control?

Chickens eat most things, but they go wild for a good source of protein! If one finds a bug or a worm, they'll literally chase each other around trying to get hold of it. If they're free-roaming, they'll spot (and devour) pests in your garden. If they're in a coop, simply toss any bugs, snails, and slugs over to them. They'll make sure your pests are caught and eliminated. The best part? You're actually turning garden pests into eggs! Yes, please!

7. Use their manure around the garden

If your chickens are free to roam around your garden, then they'll naturally fertilize as they move around! If they're in a coop, you'll want to clean out their space from time to time. Manure and soiled bedding can be added to your compost heap or simply left in a pile to mature for a while. 

Top Tip: It's best not to add fresh chicken manure to your garden. It's pretty potent and it can actually burn your plants. Once it's properly rotted and matured, it won't smell so bad and your plants will love it!

8. You get to build (or buy) a coop!

Chickens need a place to live and there are some super fun ideas for chicken coops. Jump onto Pinterest and have a look at some of the sweet ideas people have come up with. You'll find everything from farmhouses to mini castles! There are also some great practical ideas to help with feeding, watering, and egg collection.

Make it as spunky or simple as you like. At the end of the day, your backyard chickens' coop should keep your hens safe from predators and protected from the weather. 

Not into DIY? If you don't feel up to building your own coop, that's fine too. There's a great selection available to buy. Can't find your dream coop online? Some coop-builders will custom-make your coop according to your specs (and dreams).

What to feed backyard chickens

Backyard chickens will eat most things! Kitchen scraps, lawn cuttings, weeds from the garden, and leftovers from supper. If they're laying eggs, they'll also need some sort of grain and a source of calcium. It's easiest to just get a pre-mixed laying feed. It has everything your chickens need to lay good eggs and stay strong and healthy. 

You might be tempted to avoid the cost of chicken feed and just let them scavenge. They can definitely survive on scraps and scavenging in the garden. For hens that are heavy layers, your egg quality will likely suffer. You probably won't get as many eggs and the shells can become soft or misshapen and break easily. 

Which backyard chicken breeds are good?

There are so many wonderful breeds to choose from. Decide what's important to you in a backyard chicken and then choose a breed that's a good match. Are you looking for docile chickens that are good with kids? Excellent layers? A good meat chicken? Hardy hens that can survive and fend for themselves? Colorful eggs? Whatever it is, do some research and you're sure to find a great fit!

Give me more fun, frugal ideas!

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