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Save How to Travel with Dogs in Summer: Tips to Keep Fido Safe

How to Travel with Dogs in Summer: Tips to Keep Fido Safe

Want to take Fido with you on a summer trip? Check out these travel tips and dog activity ideas for vacationing with a pet. Visit Save for savings tips.

How to Travel with Dogs in Summer: Tips to Keep Fido Safe

Want to bring Fido along with you for your summer fun? We don’t blame you! Experiencing travel and vacations with your pet helps you create new memories you can always treasure.

Plus, you may be limited in terms of options. If you don’t have someone in your life to watch your pet while you’re away, you may have to resort to boarding, which can be expensive and force your beloved pooch to spend time in a cage.

During the upcoming summer dog days, these tips can help you travel with your canine in style, without breaking the bank. Get prepared for a pet-friendly trip with these ideas.

1. Research accommodations that support dog activity

First, find a pet-friendly hotel or home-sharing site that will welcome your pooch. The website BringFido lets you search hotels by destination. Or on home-sharing sites, look for options that allow pets.

When you find a place you’re interested in, do some research about just how accommodating the place is. Does it provide doggie bowls for food and water, or will you need to bring your own? Is there a fenced-off area for potty breaks? If you’re booking a house, are you comfortable with it having a pool or hazards in the backyard? Details like these could influence your decision.

Also, while some hotels will tack on an extra fee for accommodating a pet, some hotels include pet-friendliness in their everyday room rates. Compare costs to find the best place for your furry family.

2. Plan your days around your dog

Once you’ve booked accommodations, consider if there’s any time you won’t be around your dog on your trip. For example, if you’re traveling for work and have to be in meetings during the day, you might not want your dog cooped up all day long.

Services like Rover offer on-demand dog activities like dog walking and drop-in visits. You can book dog visits in advance of your travel so you know your dog will be catered to when you’re not around.

3. Find dog-friendly restaurants and other dog activities

Most cities in the U.S. offer some form of dog-friendly things to do in town. You can do an online search of the city you’re visiting, along with the following terms, to see what’s available.

  • Dog-friendly restaurants
  • Dog-friendly activities
  • Dog beach
  • Dog park

Look for opportunities to take your dog for a walk in a safe urban area or in nature. If the weather’s nice, try to find a dog-friendly patio your pooch can visit with you.

4. Set up safe dog travel

Depending on how you’re traveling with your dog, you’ll want to equip yourself with safety gear that will keep your pet safe.

According to the Humane Society, if you’re traveling with your dog in the car, you’ll want to:

  • Place your dog in a crate that is attached to the inside of your vehicle using a seatbelt.
  • Place the crate in the back seat of the car, so your dog doesn’t get injured if an airbag deploys.
  • As cute as it is, don’t let your dog ride with their head outside of the window. Flying debris could injure them.
  • Take plenty of rest-stop breaks to let your dog go to the bathroom and move its legs.
  • Make sure your dog wears a collar with proper identification at all times.
  • Don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car by itself. While the dog is in the car, maintain a comfortable temperature at all times.

The Humane Society only recommends taking a pet by airplane as a last resort. That’s because some pets may have difficulty breathing at high altitudes. Flying can also be a stressful, traumatic event for pets. Always check with your veterinarian first before flying with your dog. Research your airline’s policies to see what’s allowed.

Some cruise lines may permit dogs but may confine them to kennels. Pet travel by train may also be a possibility. However you travel with pets, make sure they get lots of opportunities to walk around and go to the bathroom whenever possible.

5. Pack for your pet

Before you embark on your trip, make sure you have everything you need to keep your dog safe and comfortable. This includes:

  • Your pet’s latest medical records, in case you need to take them to a vet while traveling, as well as contact information for the nearest animal hospital(s) close to your accommodations
  • Proof of vaccination. Some places will only allow dogs that are vaccinated, and you'll need to prove that they are
  • Travel-friendly pet food and any tools you need to serve it
  • Filtered water
  • Doggie waste bags for pet cleanup
  • Toys if your dog enjoys them
  • A sturdy leash that attaches to your dog’s collar
  • Dog wipes to clean your dog’s paws and fur
  • Dog treats – find tasty recipes for no-bake treats for your pet

Your vet can also make additional recommendations that will help your pooch travel in comfort. For example, if you want to bring an older dog on a trip, hopping in and out of your car may not work well for them. You may benefit from using a pet ramp if you’re not able to lift your dog in and out of the car yourself.

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