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Save Netflix & Thrill: 15 DIY Halloween Costumes

Netflix & Thrill: 15 DIY Halloween Costumes

Netflix and thrill this Halloween! Show everyone what you've been binging by balancing good and evil in one of these 15 Netflix-inspired characters' costumes.

Netflix & Thrill: 15 DIY Halloween Costumes

Oh, the costumes! Every Halloween, we see impressive ideas, and you may find yourself saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" From simple yet brilliant, to creative costume ideas that require effort and planning, choosing something reflective of your interests is fun and memorable. How about picking a costume that's telltale of your binging habits?

We've got captivating and easily recognizable ensembles taken from your favorite Netflix series and films. Mix up a creepy cocktail to get into the Halloween spooky spirit, and scroll these fun pop culture Halloween outfits.

1. Agatha Trunchbull from 'Matilda'

Puff out your chest, slick your bun back, and embrace this headmistress' hated personality. Emma Thompson played this horrid character so well in the 2022 adaption of the Roald Dahl story. The outfit entails a green military coat with a tool belt, handheld microphone, and a massive set of keys. Tell those "maggot children" where to get their candy; it won't be from you! 

2. Matilda Wormwood from 'Matilda'

Embody the likable and bold character of Matila with a grey school uniform, maroon tie, white school shirt, and a Matilda rounded hat. Grab some of your favorite books and a satchel to complete the look. Get ready to tell elaborate tales, and let everyone see the magic in you.

3. Amy Lau and Danny Cho from 'Beef'

There are many options for dressing as strangers, turn arch-enemies Amy Lau and Danny Cho from this 2023 Netflix series. Why not go for their final look, bloodied and dirty in their white and cream outfits? It's perfect for Halloween, and anyone who's watched the series will avoid any berries you offer them.

4. Steve Glew from 'The Pez Outlaw'

This stranger-than-fiction documentary's main character, Steve Glew, needs a bucket hat, simple clothing, a long beard, and candy Pez dispensers. If you have a velvet tracksuit and a duffle bag, even better. How about giving Pez candy to all the trick-or-treaters knocking on your door?

5. 'Queen Charlotte' characters

The beloved Bridgerton characters deserve the limelight on your Halloween night. You may even be crowned best-dressed if you can emulate King George's erratic behavior that is both problematic, charming, and brilliant.

6. 'Is It Cake?' contestant

This US Top TV reality show of 2022 and 2023 has kids taking bites of things around the home. Grab an apron and a 'Cake Goat' necklace like contestant Corterrius, and put your baking skills to the test to fool your friends into thinking the jack-o'-lantern on your table is a real pumpkin. Can't nail it? That's okay - as long as there is cake!

7. 'Transatlantic' refugee smugglers

This period miniseries is inspired by the true story of Mary Jayne Gold, Varian Fry, and the Emergency Rescue Committee of 1940, who helped creative genius' of the time and other refugees fleeing Europe during the Second World War. Gather your friends, some 1940s-inspired clothing, and secretive map routes for your escape. 

8. Joe Goldberg from 'You'

Season 4's Joe Goldberg, aka Jonathan Moore, embodies a posh professor with secrets. Don his iconic plaid blazer, a tie, waistcoat, leather pouch, and devilish good looks with a full beard. 

9. Mia from 'Run Rabbit Run'

Regarding DIY Halloween costumes, this one is as easy as making a cutout, faded pink rabbit mask, and barely removing it. 

10. That 90s Show

Grab your crew, some 90s fashion pieces, beers, and snacks. This nostalgic show is perfect for a DIY last-minute outfit. Rock some 90s beats and enjoy a Halloween party with frightening foods in your basement.

11. Wednesday Addams from 'Wednesday'

Social media has exploded with Wednesday dance renditions since the most recent Wednesday series was released at the end of 2022. Predominantly black with touches of white and long braided pigtails, Wednesday Addams is a seriously dark character, and you're sure to see several Wednesdays roaming the streets this Halloween. 

12. Edward "Eddie" Munson from 'Stranger Things'

Purchase a Hellfire shirt off Amazon and dress as the underdog Eddie. With a denim or leather jacket and some skull rings, you may even decide to change your look for good. Prepare for your character with some Dungeons and Dragons adventuring. 

13. The Mother from 'The Mother'

Assassin and Mother, played by Jennifer Lopez, is an easy Netflix-inspired character to dress as for your Halloween bash. You only need cargo pants, an oversized jacket, combat boots, hoodies, and beanies. The mother in this 2023 movie fiercely protects her child, which we expect you'll be doing this Halloween with all the gory goblins and witches wandering your neighborhood.

14. 'The School for Good and Evil' characters

Are you an Agatha or Sophie? Princess or witch? Create the perfect pair this Halloween by dressing up with a friend to protect the balance of good versus evil on this spooky day. 

15. 'Lockwood and Co' Ghostbuster

Dress up as one of these teenage ghostbusters with two of your besties. Add salt and pretend weapons to your arsenal, and be ready to terrorize the Halloween ghouls roaming the streets. Halloween won't be complete without some paranormal investigators. 

Netflix and thrill this Halloween

With your creative costume ideas and eek-citing Halloween decor ideas, we know you'll throw a bash that sticks in your friends' memories (and nightmares). We have thrilling advice to help you save money this Halloween. Visit our blog to find out more, and don't forget to provide your address in our Coupon Book Finder to see where you might find Coupon Book offers in your neighborhood.